Car Diagnostics Scanner

OBD2 car diagnostic tool

Take back control of the diagnosis of your vehicle.

The origins of the klavkarr brand

Despite the growing complexity of engine and embedded IT technologies, the founders of klavkarr share their experience of how this can be achieved, which has since become a corporate story.

OBD fault code reading with klavkarr

Carry out the diagnosis of your car in complete freedom !

We create automotive diagnostic tool

Whether for the general public or for professionals, we invent powerful diagnostic tools that allow you to understand, optimise and maintain your vehicle in complete freedom.

EOBD-Facile on Windows and iPhone

In direct contact with you !

We love to share our passion for cars

We develop our own multimedia platforms to share our passion and inform you about the news of our products and services

Outils OBD Facile electronic expertise

Our expertise in electronic engineering

In Brittany, west of France

In our laboratories in Brittany, our engineers are constantly working on the creation of new products, always at the forefront of the electronics of tomorrow's vehicles and mobility tools.


Our creation, the klavkarr OBD scanner

Your vehicle finally unlocks its secrets

Our cars combine engine technologies and IT management.
With the revelation of embedded data, you gain greater understanding, confidence and autonomy for the maintenance of your vehicle.



/ star star star star star 4.5 9 reviews
star star star star star - the 21/03/2022 by Henry Dorman
Hi, it is a great service for my ford truck, i use it several times for my check engine light errors, sometimes i do it myself but some obd/2 codes needs service. Thanks.
star star star star star - the 06/10/2021 by Antonis
well thank you very much,just read kia 2004 diesel engine and a fiat panda,it works fine and delivers what you promised it wll!this is for klav210v :D
star star star star star - the 01/03/2019 by Rod
amazing addition as a fully comprehensive 'status' instrument as well as a diagnostics tool. Unfortunately I have been unable to get the 210 USB/Bluetooth to talk to my iPhone so only work with a laptop. So far so good.
star star star star star - the 13/08/2018 by Works good
Everything works great!! Just the app closes on me at randoms times please fix!
But love the app!
star star star star star - the 22/07/2018 by Kia owner
Thanks to Angel and this website for helping me locate the data port.
My insurance company wanted me to use a monitor for 6 months to get an insurance discount but their website failed miserably in telling me how to plug it in.
Again, thanks.
star star star star star - the 07/07/2018 by Works well
Recommended piece of kit for engine diagnostics and fault clearing
star star star star star - the 28/04/2018 by Hola
Me gusta sus funciones pero aun le faltan funciones como eliminar los códigos P2F44 y desativar el inmobilizador de auto.
star star star star star - the 11/03/2018 by ممتاز
star star star star star - the 09/02/2018 by هذا البرنامج جميل جميل جدا
هو احسن برنامج شكرا