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What is the OBD?

> OBD stands for On Board Diagnostic.
Since the arrival of electronics in the automobile world, vehicles can self-diagnose and send back the results.

Why a site about OBD?

> The aim of our site is to make diagnostics on electrical / electronic faults in vehicles accessible to private car owners.

> Using this site, we hope that you will be able to repair your electronic failures yourself without the need for your dealer's "diagnostic kit".

Video of our OBD2 car diagnostic pack includingEOBD-Facile software

What do I need to be able to diagnose my car?

> You can do the diagnosis yourself without spending a fortune. To communicate with your car, all you need is an OBD2 car diagnostic tool and a software, like the one we have developed.

What does the EOBD-Facile software do?

> Our EOBD-Facile software enables you to make full use of the possibilities of the ELM327 interface.

> For more details about how the EOBD-Facile software works, checkout our software page.

OBD2 Interface + EOBD-Facile software

How do I know if my car is compatible?

> The OBD standard was introduced for petrol vehicles from 2001 and diesel vehicles from 2003.

> Using logs sent in by EOBD-Facile users, we have also created a list of compatible vehicles that you will find on the list of OBD2 compatible vehicles page.

Why did we call ourselves Outils OBD Facile?

> The tools (outils in French) we develop are designed to be easy (facile in French) to use - that's all!

> Our tools are minimalist and user-friendly, but complete, so that you can concentrate on what is important: using your vehicle's data to diagnose a breakdown.

Can I do diagnostics using my smartphone?

> Yes, EOBD-Facile also exists for Android smartphones. For more info about the EOBD-Facile app for Android

> Our application for iPhone and iPad is also available from the App store. You can download this car diagnostic app on the OBD car application for iPhone / iPad page.

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The 01/03/2019-09:56 by Rod -
amazing addition as a fully comprehensive \'status\' instrument as well as a diagnostics tool. Unfortunately I have been unable to get the 210 USB/Bluetooth to talk to my iPhone so only work with a laptop. So far so good.
The 13/08/2018-01:27 by Works good -
Everything works great!! Just the app closes on me at randoms times please fix!
But love the app!
The 22/07/2018-15:20 by Kia owner -
Thanks to Angel and this website for helping me locate the data port.
My insurance company wanted me to use a monitor for 6 months to get an insurance discount but their website failed miserably in telling me how to plug it in.
Again, thanks.
The 07/07/2018-13:42 by Works well -
Recommended piece of kit for engine diagnostics and fault clearing
The 28/04/2018-23:44 by Hola -
Me gusta sus funciones pero aun le faltan funciones como eliminar los códigos P2F44 y desativar el inmobilizador de auto.
The 11/03/2018-21:39 by ممتاز -
The 09/02/2018-19:53 by هذا البرنامج جميل جميل جدا -
هو احسن برنامج شكرا