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EOBD Facile for iPhone / Android : Car diagnostic app

EOBD-Facile for iPhone / Android

Never be caught off guard.
EOBD-Facile for Android and iPhone is the best way to always have a diagnostic scanner in your pocket !

  • EOBD-Facile for iPhone
  • EOBD-Facile for Android
EOBD-Facile for iPhone / Android Read engine defects
Multi language
French, English, German, Italian, Spanish, Russian,Polish, Dutch, Portuguese (developped in France)
Monitor you vehicle's health with a diagnosis on demand
Standard fault codes
More than 11 000 fault codes and their description are included
Erasing light
Switch off the malfunction indicator light
The license is included in our klavkarr car diagnostic scanner
Print your diagnostic reports to keep track of them
Compatible with ELM327 WiFi and ELM327 Bluetooth
Test of oxygen's sensors, EGR, Catalyst
  • EOBD-Facile for iPhone
  • EOBD-Facile for Android

To use the application, you will need:

Below is a video presenting the EOBD Facile car diagnostic application for iOS

  • EOBD-Facile for iPhone
  • EOBD-Facile for Android

Screenshots from the EOBD-Facile application

Below are some screenshots from the application.

EOBD-Facile for iPhone fault code detection

Detect your fault codes and switch off the Malfunction Indicator light

EOBD-Facile for iPad sensor monitoring

Monitor your vehicle's various sensors

EOBD-Facile for iPhone / iPad real-time graphs

View a graph of the data in real time.

EOBD-Facile for iPhone / iPad OBD fault code

Read OBD fault codes on the iPad

  • EOBD-Facile for iPhone
  • EOBD-Facile for Android


/application-iphone-ipad-obd.php?utm_source=App_EOBD&utm_medium=iOS&utm_campaign=store star star star star star 4 2 reviews
star star star star star - the 02/05/2018 by Sky
working perfectly with my Renault Scenic 2011 (diesel): well done!
star star star star star - the 10/11/2017 by Abdo
Not all function compatable with my car opel corsa 2005