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Batiment Atlanparc Plescop

Outils OBD Facile
Zone de Kerluhern, Bat B
1 rue Marguerite Perey

Email: contact@outilsobdfacile.fr
Site: www.outilsobdfacile.fr
Boutique: www.boutiqueobdfacile.com

Presentation of Outils OBD Facilee

Article Outils OBD Facile Micro Hebdo

Outils OBD Facile was created at the start of 2010. The first step was to publish our information website on the OBD and the ELM327 diagnostic interfaces. At the same time, we made the Beta version of our automobile diagnostic software EOBD-Facile available for free download. This software was developed in France by our team of developers.

Following the high demand from internet users asking where to purchase an OBD2 interface caomptible with the ELM327 interface, we opened our online boutique www.boutiqueobdfacile.com in November 2010.

Articles about our software have appeared in various magazines, including the computer magazine "Micro-Hebdo" in January 2012.

Other articles have also been published. You can read them on our Press page.

History of Outils OBD Facile

  • August 2015 : Outils OBD Facile website is now adapted for smartphones and tablets
  • June 2015 : EOBD-Facile for MacBook est available on the Mac App Store
  • March 2015 : Launch of EOBD-Facile on MacBook
  • June - October 2014 : Our application "where is my OBD2 port is available on the App Store and Google Play
  • April 2014 : Launch our EOBD-Facile Premium version for Android
  • October 2013 : Launch of the iPhone/iPad application EOBD-Facile
  • June 2013 : Move to our new offices in Plescop (Brittany, France)
  • May 2012 : Launch of the Android application EOBD-Facile Lite
  • July 2011 : New site with a new design
  • November 2010 : Creation of the company Outils OBD Facile
  • April 2010: Launch of the beta version of our PC software EOBD-Facile
  • January 2010 : Launch of the website www.outilsobdfacile.fr