Full list of the OBD2 DTC from P0500 to P0599

Reading of OBD2 fault codes

Description of the standard trouble OBD codes by family

Standard or generic fault codes are a list of codes common to all manufacturers.
This list of faults, also called DTC (for Data Trouble Code) has been defined so that any diagnostic device can read and decode them. They have a standard format as shown below:

data trouble code P0301

The first letter indicates the family of DTC.

  • P: Powertrain, (i.e. engine and gearbox)
  • C: Chassis
  • B: Body
  • U: User network

The first digit indicates if the code is generic or not (green digit):

  • 0: Generic fault
  • 1: Manufacturer fault
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As the list of generic OBD codes is not always sufficient, manufacturers can add as many of their own codes as they need.

The last 3 digits correspond to an incremented number (purple digits).
This may be a hexadecimal number (i.e. from 0 to 9 + from A to F). For P family codes, sub-families have been defined using the 1st digit (in this example the "3"):

  • 0 , 1 and 2: for the air/fuel mixture
  • 3 : for the ignition system
  • 4 : for checking auxiliary emissions
  • 5 : for engine idling
  • 6 : for the onboard computer and ancillary outputs
  • 7, 8 and 9: for the transmission (gearbox)
  • A, B and C : for hybrid propulsion

These OBD codes were standardized using SAE J2012 and ISO 15031-6 standards which, to our knowledge, contain about 11 000 definitions in the most recent version.

Below you will find a list of the most commonly used codes. Our software contains all of the 11 000 codes. Don't hesitate to download it. It is free and, using an ELM327 or ELM323 interface, can be used to read the fault codes. For more details, go to our EOBD-Facile car diagnostic software page.

Select the family of the DTC (OBD codes)

DTC from P0500 to P0599 (Engine idling control)

Code Description
P0500Vehicle Speed Sensor Malfunction
P0501Vehicle Speed Sensor Range/Performance
P0502Vehicle Speed Sensor Circuit Low Input
P0503Vehicle Speed Sensor Intermittent/Erratic/High
P0504Brake Switch A / B Correlation
P0505Idle Control System Malfunction
P0506Idle Control System RPM lower Than Expected
P0507Idle Control System RPM higher Than Expected
P0508Idle Air Control System Circuit Low
P0509Idle Air Control System Circuit High
P0510Closed Throttle Position Switch Malfunction
P0511Idle Air Control Circuit
P0512Starter Request Circuit
P0513Incorrect Immobilizer Key
P0514Battery Temperature Sensor Circuit Range/Performance
P0515Battery Temperature Sensor Circuit
P0516Battery Temperature Sensor Circuit Low
P0517Battery Temperature Sensor Circuit High
P0518Idle Air Control Circuit Intermittent
P0519Idle Air Control Circuit System Performance
P0520Engine Oil Pressure Sensor/Switch Circuit Malfunction
P0521Engine Oil Pressure Sensor/Switch Range/Performance
P0522Engine Oil Pressure Sensor/Switch Low Voltage
P0523Engine Oil Pressure Sensor/Switch High Voltage
P0524Engine Oil Pressure Too Low
P0525Cruise Control Servo Control Circuit Range/Performance
P0526Fan Speed Sensor Circuit
P0527Fan Speed Sensor Circuit Range/Performance
P0528Fan Speed Sensor Circuit No Signal
P0529Fan Speed Sensor Circuit Intermittent
P0530A/C Refrigerant Pressure Sensor Circuit Malfunction
P0531A/C Refrigerant Pressure Sensor Circuit Range/Performance
P0532A/C Refrigerant Pressure Sensor Circuit Low Input
P0533A/C Refrigerant pressure Sensor Circuit High Input
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P0534Air Conditioner Refrigerant Charge Loss
P0535A/C Evaporator Temperature Sensor Circuit
P0536A/C Evaporator Temperature Sensor Circuit Range/Performance
P0537A/C Evaporator Temperature Sensor Circuit Low
P0538A/C Evaporator Temperature Sensor Circuit High
P0539A/C Evaporator Temperature Sensor Circuit Intermittent
P0540Intake Air Heater A Circuit
P0541Intake Air Heater A Circuit Low
P0542Intake Air Heater A Circuit High
P0543Intake Air Heater A Circuit Open
P0544Exhaust Gas Temperature Sensor Circuit - Bank 2 Sensor 1
P0545Exhaust Gas Temperature Sensor Circuit Low - Bank 2 Sensor 1
P0546Exhaust Gas Temperature Sensor Circuit High - Bank 2 Sensor 1
P0547Exhaust Gas Temperature Sensor Circuit - Bank 2 Sensor 1
P0548Exhaust Gas Temperature Sensor Circuit Low - Bank 2 Sensor 1
P0549Exhaust Gas Temperature Sensor Circuit High - Bank 2 Sensor 1
P0550Power Steering Pressure Sensor Circuit Malfunction
P0551Power Steering Pressure Sensor Circuit Range/Performance
P0552Power Steering Pressure Sensor Circuit Low Input
P0553Power Steering Pressure Sensor Circuit High Input
P0554Power Steering Pressure sensor Circuit Intermittent
P0555Brake Booster Pressure Sensor Circuit
P0556Brake Booster Pressure Sensor Circuit Range/Performance
P0557Brake Booster Pressure Sensor Circuit Low Input
P0558Brake Booster Pressure Sensor Circuit High Input
P0559Brake Booster Pressure Sensor Circuit Intermittent
P0560System Voltage Malfunction
P0561System Voltage Unstable
P0562System Voltage Low
P0563System Voltage High
P0564Cruise Control Multi-Function Input A Circuit
P0565Cruise Control On Signal Malfunction
P0566Cruise Control Off Signal Malfunction
P0567Cruise Control Resume Signal Malfunction
P0568Cruise Control Set Signal Malfunction
P0569Cruise Control Coast Signal Malfunction
P0570Cruise Control Accel Signal Malfunction
P0571Cruise Control/Brake Switch A Circuit Malfunction
P0572Cruise Control/Brake Switch A Circuit Low
P0573Cruise Control/Brake Switch A Circuit High
P0574Cruise Control System - Vehicle Speed Too High
P0575Cruise Control Input Circuit
P0576Cruise Control Input Circuit Low
P0577Cruise Control Input Circuit High
P0578Cruise Control Multi-Function Input A Circuit Stuck
P0579Cruise Control Multi-Function Input A Circuit Range/Performance
P0580Cruise Control Multi-Function Input A Circuit Low
P0581Cruise Control Multi-Function Input A Circuit High
P0582Cruise Control Vacuum Control Circuit /Open
P0583Cruise Control Vacuum Control Circuit Low
P0584Cruise Control Vacuum Control Circuit High
P0585Cruise Control Multi-Function Input A / B Correlation
P0586Cruise Control Vent Control Circuit / Open
P0587Cruise Control Vent Control Circuit Low
P0588Cruise Control Vent Control Circuit High
P0589Cruise Control Multi-Function Input B Circuit
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P0590Cruise Control Multi-Function Input B Circuit Stuck
P0591Cruise Control Multi-Function Input B Circuit Range/Performance
P0592Cruise Control Multi-Function Input B Circuit Low
P0593Cruise Control Multi-Function Input B Circuit High
P0594Cruise Control Servo Control Circuit / Open
P0595Cruise Control Servo Control Circuit Low
P0596Cruise Control Servo Control Circuit High
P0597Thermostat Heater Control Circuit / Open
P0598Thermostat Heater Control Circuit Low
P0599Thermostat Heater Control Circuit High


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P0300 Random/Multiple Cylinder Misfire Detected
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