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Exhaustive list of the DTC

Reading of OBD2 fault codes

Description of the standard trouble OBD codes by family

Standard or generic fault codes are a list of codes common to all manufacturers.

This list of faults, also called DTC (for Data Trouble Code) has been defined so that any diagnostic device can read and decode them. They have a standard format as shown below :

data trouble code P0301

The first letter indicates the family of DTC.

  • P: Powertrain, (i.e. engine and gearbox)
  • C: Chassis
  • B: Body
  • U: User network

The first digit indicates if the code is generic or not (green digit):

  • 0: Generic fault
  • 1: Manufacturer fault
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As the list of generic OBD codes is not always sufficient, manufacturers can add as many of their own codes as they need.

The last 3 digits correspond to an incremented number (purple digits).
This may be a hexadecimal number (i.e. from 0 to 9 + from A to F). For P family codes, sub-families have been defined using the 1st digit (in this example the "3"):

  • 0 , 1 and 2: for the air/fuel mixture
  • 3 : for the ignition system
  • 4 : for checking auxiliary emissions
  • 5 : for engine idling
  • 6 : for the onboard computer and ancillary outputs
  • 7, 8 and 9: for the transmission (gearbox)
  • A, B and C : for hybrid propulsion

These OBD codes were standardized using SAE J2012 and ISO 15031-6 standards which, to our knowledge, contain about 11 000 definitions in the most recent version.

Below you will find a list of the most commonly used codes. Our software contains all of the 11 000 codes. Don't hesitate to download it. It is free and, using an ELM327 or ELM323 interface, can be used to read the fault codes. For more details, go to our EOBD-Facile car diagnostic software page.

Select the family of the DTC (OBD codes)

Exhaustive list of the codes

P001A P001B P001C P001D P001E P001F P002A P002B P002C P002D P002E P002F P003A P003B P003C P003D P003E P003F P004A P004B P004C P004D P004E P004F P005A P005B P005C P005D P005E P005F P006A P006B P006C P006D P006E P006F P007A P007B P007C P007D P007E P007F P008A P008B P008C P008D P008E P008F P009A P009B P009C P009D P009E P009F P00A0 P00A1 P00A2 P00A3 P00A4 P00A5 P00A6 P00A7 P00A8 P00A9 P00AA P00AB P00AC P00AD P00AE P00AF P00B0 P00B1 P00B2 P00B3 P00B4 P00B5 P00B6 P00B7 P00B8 P00B9 P00BA P00BB P00BC P00BD P00BE P00BF P011A P011B P011C P011D P012A P012B P012C P012D P012E P013A P013B P013C P013D P013E P013F P014A P014B P014C P014D P014E P014F P015A P015B P015C P015D P018A P018B P018C P018D P018E P018F P020A P020B P020C P020D P020E P020F P021A P021B P021C P021D P021E P021F P022A P022B P022C P022D P022E P022F P023A P023B P023C P023D P023E P023F P024A P024B P024C P024D P024E P024F P025A P025B P025C P025D P029A P029B P029C P029D P029E P029F P02A0 P02A1 P02A2 P02A3 P02A4 P02A5 P02A6 P02A7 P02A8 P02A9 P02AA P02AB P02AC P02AD P02AE P02AF P02B0 P02B1 P02B2 P02B3 P02B4 P02B5 P02B6 P02B7 P02B8 P02B9 P02BA P02BB P02BC P02BD P02BE P02BF P02C0 P02C1 P02C2 P02C3 P02C4 P02C5 P02C6 P02C7 P02C8 P02C9 P02CA P02CB P02CC P02CD P02CE P02CF P02D0 P02D1 P02D2 P02D3 P02D4 P02D5 P02D6 P02D7 P02D8 P02D9 P02DA P02DB P02DC P02DD P02DE P02DF P02E0 P02E1 P02E2 P02E3 P02E4 P02E5 P02E6 P02E7 P02E8 P02E9 P02EA P02EB P02EC P02ED P02EE P02EF P02F0 P02F1 P02F2 P02F3 P02F4 P02F5 P02F6 P02F7 P02F8 P02F9 P02FA P032A P032B P032C P032D P032E P033A P033B P033C P033D P033E P037D P037E P037F P040A P040B P040C P040D P040E P040F P041A P041B P041C P041D P041E P041F P042A P042B P042C P042D P042E P042F P043A P043B P043C P043D P043E P043F P044A P044B P044C P044D P044E P044F P046A P046B P046C P046D P046E P046F P046A P046B P046C P046D P046E P046F P047A P047B P047C P047D P047E P047F P048A P048B P048C P048D P048E P048F P049A P049B P049C P049D P049E P049F P04A0 P04A1 P04A2 P04A3 P04A4 P04A5 P04A6 P04A7 P04A8 P04A9 P04AA P050A P050B P050C P050D P050E P050F P051A P051B P051C P051D P051E P051F P052A P052B P052C P052D P052E P053A P053B P053C P054A P054B P054C P054D P056A P056B P060A P060B P060C P060D P060E P060F P061A P061B P061C P061D P061E P061F P062B P062C P062D P062E P062F P063A P063B P063C P063D P063E P063F P064A P064B P064C P064D P064E P064F P065A P065B P065C P065D P065E P065F P066A P066B P066C P066D P066E P066F P067A P067B P067C P067D P067E P067F P068A P068B P068C P068D P068E P068F P069A P069B P069C P069D P069E P069F P06A0 P06A1 P06A2 P06A3 P06A4 P06A5 P06A6 P06A7 P06A8 P06A9 P06AA P06AB P06AC P06AD P06AE P06AF P06B0 P06B1 P06B2 P06B3 P06B4 P06B5 P06B6 P06B7 P06B8 P06B9 P06BA P06BB P06BC P06BD P06BE P06BF P06C0 P06C1 P06C2 P06C3 P06C4 P06C5 P06C6 P06C7 P06C8 P06C9 P06CA P06CB P06CC P06CD P06CE P06CF P06D0 P06D1 P070A P070B P070C P070D P070E P070F P071A P071B P071C P071D P071E P071F P072A P072B P072C P072D P072E P072F P073A P073B P073C P073D P073E P073F P074A P074B P074C P074D P074E P074F P075A P075B P075C P075D P075E P075F P076A P076B P076C P076D P076E P076F P077A P077B P079A P079B P079C P079D P079E P079F P07A0 P07A1 P07A2 P07A3 P07A4 P07A5 P07A6 P07A7 P07A8 P07A9 P07AA P07AB P07AC P07AD P07AE P07AF P07B0 P07B1 P07B2 P07B3 P07B4 P07B5 P07B6 P07B7 P07B8 P07B9 P07BA P07BB P07BC P07BD P07BE P080A P080B P080C P080D P081A P081B P081C P081D P081E P081F P082A P082B P082C P082D P082E P082F P083A P083B P083C P083D P083E P083F P084A P084B P084C P084D P084E P084F P0850 P085A P085B P085C P085D P085E P088A P088B P092A P092B P092C P092D P0A00 P0A01 P0A02 P0A03 P0A04 P0A05 P0A06 P0A07 P0A08 P0A09 P0A0A P0A0B P0A0C P0A0D P0A0E P0A0F P0A10 P0A11 P0A12 P0A13 P0A14 P0A15 P0A16 P0A17 P0A18 P0A19 P0A1A P0A1B P0A1C P0A1D P0A1E P0A1F P0A20 P0A21 P0A22 P0A23 P0A24 P0A25 P0A26 P0A27 P0A28 P0A29 P0A2A P0A2B P0A2C P0A2D P0A2E P0A2F P0A30 P0A31 P0A32 P0A33 P0A34 P0A35 P0A36 P0A37 P0A38 P0A39 P0A3A P0A3B P0A3C P0A3D P0A3E P0A3F P0A40 P0A41 P0A42 P0A43 P0A44 P0A45 P0A46 P0A47 P0A48 P0A49 P0A4A P0A4B P0A4C P0A4D P0A4E P0A4F P0A50 P0A51 P0A52 P0A53 P0A54 P0A55 P0A56 P0A57 P0A58 P0A59 P0A5A P0A5B P0A5C P0A5D P0A5E P0A5F P0A60 P0A61 P0A62 P0A63 P0A64 P0A65 P0A66 P0A67 P0A68 P0A69 P0A6A P0A6B P0A6C P0A6D P0A6E P0A6F P0A70 P0A71 P0A72 P0A73 P0A74 P0A75 P0A76 P0A77 P0A78 P0A79 P0A7A P0A7B P0A7C P0A7D P0A7E P0A7F P0A80 P0A81 P0A82 P0A83 P0A84 P0A85 P0A86 P0A87 P0A88 P0A89 P0A8A P0A8B P0A8C P0A8D P0A8E P0A8F P0A90 P0A91 P0A92 P0A93 P0A94 P0A95 P0A96 P0A97 P0A98 P0A99 P0A9A P0A9B P0A9C P0A9D P0A9E P0A9F P0AA0 P0AA1 P0AA2 P0AA3 P0AA4 P0AA5 P0AA6 P0AA7 P0AA8 P0AA9 P0AAA P0AAB P0AAC P0AAD P0AAE P0AAF P0AB0 P0AB1 P0AB2 P0AB3 P0AB4 P0AB5 P0AB6 P0AB7 P0AB8 P0AB9 P0ABA P0ABB P0ABC P0ABD P0ABE P0ABF P0AC0 P0AC1 P0AC2 P0AC3 P0AC4 P0AC5 P0AC6 P0AC7 P0AC8 P0AC9 P0ACA P0ACB P0ACC P0ACD P0ACE P0ACF P0AD0 P0AD1 P0AD2 P0AD3 P0AD4 P0AD5 P0AD6 P0AD7 P0AD8 P0AD9 P0ADA P0ADB P0ADC P0ADD P0ADE P0ADF P0AE0 P0AE1 P0AE2 P0AE3 P0AE4 P0AE5 P0AE6 P0AE7 P0AE8 P0AE9 P0AEA P0AEB P0AEC P0AED P0AEE P0AEF P0AF0 P0AF1 P0AF2 P0AF3 P0AF4 P0AF5 P0AF6 P0AF7 P0AF8 P0AF9 P0AFA P0AFB P0AFC P0AFD P0AFE P0AFF P0B00 P0B01 P0B02 P0B03 P0B04 P0B05 P0B06 P0B07 P0B08 P0B09 P0B0A P0B0B P0B0C P0B0D P0B0E P0B0F P0B10 P0B11 P0B12 P0B13 P0B14 P0B15 P0B16 P0B17 P0B18 P0B19 P0B1A P0B1B P0B1C P0B1D P0B1E P0B1F P0B20 P0B21 P0B22 P0B23 P0B24 P0B25 P0B26 P0B27 P0B28 P0B29 P0B2A P0B2B P0B2C P0B2D P0B2E P0B2F P0B30 P0B31 P0B32 P0B33 P0B34 P0B35 P0B36 P0B37 P0B38 P0B39 P0B3A P0B3B P0B3C P0B3D P0B3E P0B3F P0B40 P0B41 P0B42 P0B43 P0B44 P0B45 P0B46 P0B47 P0B48 P0B49 P0B4A P0B4B P0B4C P0B4D P0B4E P0B4F P0B50 P0B51 P0B52 P0B53 P0B54 P0B55 P0B56 P0B57 P0B58 P0B59 P0B5A P0B5B P0B5C P0B5D P0B5E P0B5F P0B60 P0B61 P0B62 P0B63 P0B64 P0B65 P0B66 P0B67 P0B68 P0B69 P0B6A P0B6B P0B6C P0B6D P0B6E P0B6F P0B70 P0B71 P0B72 P0B73 P0B74 P0B75 P0B76 P0B77 P0B78 P0B79 P0B7A P0B7B P0B7C P0B7D P0B7E P0B7F P0B80 P0B81 P0B82 P0B83 P0B84 P0B85 P0B86 P0B87 P0B88 P0B89 P0B8A P0B8B P0B8C P0B8D P0B8E P0B8F P0B90 P0B91 P0B92 P0B93 P0B94 P0B95 P0B96 P0B97 P0B98 P0B99 P0B9A P0B9B P0B9C P0B9D P0B9E P0B9F P0BA0 P0BA1 P0BA2 P0BA3 P0BA4 P0BA5 P0BA6 P0BA7 P0BA8 P0BA9 P0BAA P0BAB P0BAC P0BAD P0BAE P0BAF P0BB0 P0BB1 P0BB2 P0BB3 P0BB4 P0BB5 P0BB6 P0BB7 P0BB8 P0BB9 P0BBA P0BBB P0BBC P0BBD P0BBE P0BBF P0BC0 P0BC1 P0BC2 P0BC3 P0BC4 P0BC5 P0BC6 P0BC7 P0BC8 P0BC9 P0BCA P0BCB P0BCC P0BCD P0BCE P0BCF P0BD0 P0BD1 P0BD2 P0BD3 P0BD4 P0BD5 P0BD6 P0BD7 P0BD8 P0BD9 P0BDA P0BDB P0BDC P0BDD P0BDE P0BDF P0BE0 P0BE1 P0BE2 P0BE3 P0BE4 P0BE5 P0BE6 P0BE7 P0BE8 P0BE9 P0BEA P0BEB P0BEC P0BED P0BEE P0BEF P0BF0 P0BF1 P0BF2 P0BF3 P0BF4 P0BF5 P0BF6 P0BF7 P0BF8 P0BF9 P0BFA P0BFB P0BFC P0BFD P0BFE P0BFF P0C00 P0C01 P0C02 P0C03 P0C04 P0C05 P0C06 P0C07 P0C08 P0C09 P0C0A P0C0B P0C0C P0C0D P0C0E P0C0F P0C10 P0C11 P0C12 P0C13 P0C14 P0C15 P0C16 P0C17 P0C18 P0C19 P0C1A P0C1B P0C1C P0C1D P0C1E P0C1F P0C20 P0C21 P0C22 P0C23 P0C24 P0C25 P0C26 P0C27 P0C28 P0C29 P0C2A P0C2B P0C2C P0C2D P0C2E P0C2F P0C30 P0C31 P0C32 P0C33 P0C34 P0C35 P0C36 P0C37 P0C38 P0C39 P0C3A P0C3B P0C3C P0C3D P0C3E P0C3F P0C40 P0C41 P0C42 P0C43 P0C44 P0C45 P0C46 P0C47 P0C48 P0C49 P0C4A P0C4B P0C4C P0C4D P0C4E P0C4F P0C50 P0C51 P0C52 P0C53 P0C54 P0C55 P0C56 P0C57 P0C58 P0C59 P0C5A P0C5B P0C5C P0C5D P0C5E P0C5F P0C60 P0C61 P0C62 P0C63 P0C64 P0C65 P0C66 P0C67 P0C68 P0C69 P0C6A P0C6B P0C6C P0C6D P0C6E P0C6F P0C70 P0C71 P0C72 P0C73 P0C74 P0C75 P0C76 P0C77 P0C78 P0C79 P0C7A P0C7B P0C7C P0C7D P0C7E P0C7F P0C80 P0C81 P0C82 P0C83 P0C84 P0C85 P0C86 P0C87


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Thank you so much guys. Thia is a valuable tool in anyone's toolbox.
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Great reference! thanks
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Piston app says code iP0520 is: Subsystem- vehicle speed control and idle speed control. Online, the code P0520 says it is oil pressure. Is Piston using standard codes or their own?
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Nice app. Didn't have a particular code I was looking for, maybe it's me. PO455 code not found.
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I have a random multiple cylinder misfire, on a proton gen 2, what do I do to fix it
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what a bout a DTC like

"30,12,16 aa : please research before proceeding "?
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Only reason for 3 star review was due to fact that the code wasn't on the list. But I see how this is very helpful. The code P0455. Evaporative emissions system leak detected (Large leak).
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All of you who helped write this literature made it an easy to follow along in layman's terminology!!
Thank you very very much!
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this was the best thing
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I have a opel astra g 1.6 16v 2002 model. My engine light keeps showing so I had the diagnostic tester plugged in and it shows a 044302 unknown fault code. What can that be? Please help
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P0300 Random/Multiple Cylinder Misfire Detected
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It's great tool u let me use and I thank u vary much ,,,,but I got a code that says po300. And your code list goes to po299 ,,, what is it that I am missing ,, need info. Thx bunches